[Sacred Songs of Japan] AOMORI​:​TAKI NAKAMURA

by the-concrete

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The sacred songs of Aomori are usually sung by local mediator/shaman called Itako who are a blind women, trained to become a spiritual mediator.Itako are associated with Mt. Osore for their annual event to communicate with the spirits of dead people.

The recording was held with one of the oldest Itako in Aomori, Taki Nakamura who has already retired of participating in the annual event of Mt.Osore but still the number of people around Japan has been visiting her.

According to Ms.Nakamura, Itako was originally nomad traveller around Northern Japan. They knock the door of different houses and ask people to beg for money, things to eat, and place to sleep. In return, Itako sing some songs for them. That is what you can listen here.


released July 20, 2016

Recorded: Yasuhiro Morinaga
Location: House at Taki Nakamura
Date of Recording: 20/July/2016




the-concrete Tokyo, Japan

All the releases are published under the music/audiovisual production label, concrete.

All the releases are recorded/compiled/produced by Yasuhiro Morinaga.

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